Dad, how did you find the beach life?

Q: Dad, how did you find the beach life?

A: Now that is a great question.. Some people are lucky enough to grow up by the beach and some find it later in life, but either way, they know that is where they need to be. Their compass is set towards saltwater. When that happens, eventually over time, you change gears. You start making time for living, not just existing. Being by the ocean begins to move to the top of the "to do" list. You choose time over money, and location over occupation. That doesn't mean you don't work hard, you just know how to calibrate. You can tell when your soul needs some salt... There is a term for this: Saltwater Slacker This is actually a good thing. It is someone who has a healthy balance between work and play.

I will explain this too you in more detail later.... For now, just know that you will need to figure out your "pace and priorities" in life. When you get older, you will see that people, places, relationships, and stories are what will matter most to you. The world is filled with so much wonder and we bring you down to the beach so you can begin to experience it all. We want it to stir a passion for adventure. Thats why we want you to be a SALT BABY....

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