Mom, Where do Salt Babies come from?

Q: Mom, where do Salt babies come from? A: Salt babies come from families who have made the life decision to be as near to the ocean as they can. They come from parents who count the years by the summer memories they make.

Many have extended that to chasing the "endless summer" where as many weekends as possible revolve around trips to the beach. Salt babies take many of their first steps in the sand, and spend lazy afternoons sleeping under an umbrella while mom reads and dad surfs. Then dad reads and mom surfs! Salt babies learn to dig sand castles and laugh when they feel the rush of cool water over their little toes and enjoy splashing in the waves... They watch seagulls fly and feel the fresh breeze of onshore winds. The sights and sounds of the ocean begin to soak into their souls, just like it happened for their parents... That is how salt babies are born...

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