Salt Baby's Newest Addition to Surf Slang

Saltwater Slacker: One who chooses to be on, in, or near saltwater, enjoying the casual pace of life by the ocean.

It can be surfing waves at sunset or diving fish filled coral reefs. Maybe its the thrill of a tarpon taking line, pulling your boat out into the gulf stream, or the wind in your sails as you glide in solitude across open water. It might just be a spot in the shade of an island tiki bar, tropical breeze coming off the ocean, relaxing the afternoon away, cold beer in hand as you listen to beach music.

If you are an S2O (Saltwater Slacker) it's a good thing. It requires life perspective. You may choose time over money and location over occupation if necessary. Its about collecting memories, not just paychecks. You are among the few who have broken free to live, not merely exist. You may be hard working and responsible, but in the end your internal compass always points back to the sea. By the ocean, life has its own way of passing time. It's moment to moment, not hour to hour. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and every day we follow the sun. So stay calm, relax, and take time to get your slack on! Stay salty my friends...

P.S. Saltwater Slacker t-shirts for dads coming soon!!!

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