Salt Baby Surf First Day of School

The beach is now closed for all of our salt kids as they head back to school for another year.This week I had the traumatic experience of handing my little salt baby off to her new teachers at day care.

With a full time job and trying to keep the Salt Baby dream alive, this back to school moment has helped me refocus and reenergize. I have been watching great inspirational content by an entrepreneur named Gary Vaynerchuk. Although some of his language can be a bit "salty", his message comes from a caring coach's heart.

Gary V talks about the power of hustle and staying positive. He is all about hard work and the grind. Embrace the process and the outcomes will happen. He calls it being macro slow and micro fast. Tenacity, drive, long term focus along with staying relentless are the macro. Intelligent extraordinary effort every day is the micro.

His best piece of advice is to stay intensely focused on execution every day. An incredible marketing plan underdelivered gets beaten by a simple plan over executed every day.

To all my salt water moms out there juggling heavy schedules, lets stay "salt strong" and remember to "enjoy the ride"...

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