I am so happy my daughter is on the same salt life path I have enjoyed...

One of my fun childhood memories was collecting surf stickers and putting them on an old board my dad retired in the 80's...

I can remember his Volkswagen van he called the "beach cruiser". We would drive to Dana Point, get lunch at A"s burgers, hit the beach and then stop at Hobie surf shop and then into San Clemente on a mad sticker run... I can't tell you how many times I have gone through the sticker boxes at Encinitas Surf Shop, Hansen's and the now defunct Longboard Grotto.

I learned to surf later on my dad's 9'6 longboard. My tip of the day: Stay away from Warm Waters in Carlsbad, #stingraypain......

When we started Salt Baby, pops made a wood surfboard sign for the new business.

One day we hope to have the logo on a real board.

It was a great life growing up a salt baby and even better that I am now a Salt Mama...


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